New Improvements

new cupboard

We have improved several designing according to our customers feedback, such as cupboard, inner roof, ramp door, spare wheel, horse fences ( pens ), rug rack  etc.

1. Cupboard, with new materials, is more elegant, functional and water resistant than before.

2. Inner roof, has the optional choice with lining.

3. Ramp door has been changed into new rubber with deep groove, which is convenient for horses getting in or out with better performance of anti-slip.

4. Spare wheel, plus a lock to ensure the safety against theft.

5. Horse fences, had been redesigned the fastening method, which is easy  to install and uninstall.

6. Rug rack, has been changed a new style with doors installed with spring pins and struts.

We will try our best to make our horse trailers to meet the different requirements from customers and continue to make improvements.

new cupboard

new rug rack

spare wheel with lock

lock for spare wheel

new ramp door

new horse fences

new cupboard

roof lining

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